Best WordPress Hosting 2018

Looking for the best WordPress hosting in 2018?

So you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting of 2018. There are so many different things that can be measured when it comes to figuring out which WordPress hosting service gives you the most value for your dollar.


Straight to the point


Some of our readers just want to see the list and move on. If you’re not that person, we’ve got plenty if information for you. If you’re wanting our professional opinion of web hosting so that you can quickly get your WordPress hosting, here’s our list of top 3 WordPress hosting for 2018:


  1. SiteGround Web Hosting
  2. InMotion Web Hosting
  3. A2 Web Hosting


How We Got There


As mentioned earlier, our overall assessment is based on 3 criteria. We’re looking at the performance of the hosting service, the quality of their support and the cost of the service.


When you look at a company like SiteGround, they’re sort of like the underdog of web hosting. They originally started with one employee back in 2004 and have since taken on 800,000 or so domains across the planet. As far as WordPress hosting goes, actually recommends them!


However, despite the fact that we’re a fan of their overall “coolness” they also perform very well. In fact, if you visit their website you can find that they advertise quite a bit about their speed. Well, they live up to their promises when it comes to performance.


Website speed is absolutely crucial when it comes to keeping visitors on your site and preventing them from bouncing out. Nobody likes to wait for a website to load! So when we look at performance, speed is one of the top things that we take a look at.


But how does SiteGround do when it comes to ease of use for customers? Well, they do great! In fact, while many hosting companies limit your resources, (which can make it difficult to upload large files such as website templates or large videos) SiteGround can be rather generous. This makes it so that you don’t have to reconfigure your PHP settings. If you have no idea how to adjust your PHP settings, you probably won’t ever have to as long as you’re with SiteGround!


That’s not everything though. We also mentioned customer support. SiteGround is really great when it comes to this. Their support team is available when you need them and they really seem to know what they’re doing. The last thing you want is to call customer support and deal with someone who knows less than you do about the problems you’re facing.


The next company that we mention in this review for best WordPress hosting of 2018 is InMotion web hosting.

Our Top 3 Picks

Below you’ll find links to our top 3 picks for VPS hosting in 2018. If you like our overview, click one of our affiliate links below and we’ll make a small commission through your purchase! We thank you for your support!