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Up to 20x Faster



Are you thinking about purchasing A2 web hosting in 2018? Well as it turns out that might actually be a really good decision. These guys are very well known for their speed and very convenient pricing. If you’re really looking to add a quality experience to your next site, A2 hosting might be the right company for you! Let’s take a look at the review.


About The Company


The company was first called “Iniquinet” back in 2001 when they were first getting started. Later on in 2003 the company changed its name to “A2 Hosting” in honor of their hometown, Ann Arbor, MI. They made the change as they were beginning to grow.


Over the years A2 hosting started implementing more and more to their service, such as a cPanel, PHP version switcher, and much more. It wasn’t until 2011 that A2 Hosting launched their first managed VPS and in 2014 they started WordPress hosting.


2014 was a great year for A2 Hosting because while they introduced their WordPress hosting, they also started promoting their “20x faster” claims. These claims are what they are best known for and have assisted them in becoming one of the bigger players in the web hosting industry. It was only months afterwards that they began hosting in Europe and Asia.


A2 Hosting has made some pretty big strides over the years and have competed against some big names. Let’s take a look at what makes them so great!


A2 Hosting Uptime Review


We’ll start off this review by looking at A2 Hosting’s uptime. According to A2 Hosting their uptime averages 99.9%. That means that they meet industry standards. It means that if you have a valuable site, you won’t be experiencing much downtime. This is crucial for any website that holds a lot of value. The last thing you need is for people to leave your website due to downtime.


Usually when people look for good uptime, the industry standard is 99.9%. You don’t want your website to go down for more than that. The closer you can get to 100% the better. So 99.94% is pretty awesome! But how does that compare to other hosting providers? Here’s what our research has come to:


  • SiteGround 99.99% Uptime
  • Hostgator 99.99% Uptime
  • InMotion 99.97% Uptime
  • GreenGeeks 99.95% Uptime
  • A2 Hosting 99.94% Uptime


As you can see, all of the above hosting providers meet the industry standard. Based on our research, A2 is definitely a great hosting service as far as uptime is concerned, however there are better web hosting providers out there as far as uptime is concerned. When making your decision on which web host to buy in 2018, keep in mind that although A2 Hosting doesn’t have the best uptime, it makes up for it with incredible speed!


A2 Hosting Customer Service Review


Customer service is vital for anybody choosing a web host. It’s important that there’s someone to talk to when troubles arise. If your website gets hacked, your website goes down, your want to add SSL etc., it’s important that you can speak with someone who knows a thing or two about web hosting so that you can achieve your online goals.


As far as A2 Hosting goes, their customer service is definitely among the best! You can reach them 24/7 by phone or online. They’re available, fast and knowledgeable. What more could you ask for? If you’ve got a pressing issue with your site and you can’t figure it out, these guys are reliable. It’s no surprise they have an A+ rating with the BBB. Their customer support is one of the reasons they’re among our favorite hosting providers for 2018.

Key Benefits


Up To 20x Faster


Although speed isn’t everything, it means a whole lot when you’re trying to provide a positive experience for your website visitors. In fact, some industries recognize having an advantage in speed as an opportunity to make fortunes. You can see this in the online trading industry and other finance related websites.


If you want people to buy from your website then the last thing you need is for them to become frustrated at slow load speeds and leave the site. Faster load speeds can sometimes result in lower bounce rates and higher retention of potential customers. Have you ever known someone who flips out at a slow computer? Exactly.


Free SSL


That’s right. More and more hosting providers are offering free SSL in 2018. This is extremely important as Google is beginning to flag sites as “not secure” in 2018 if they aren’t encrypted SSL. This is also vital if you accept payment online and ensures that you keep things safe for your visitors.


Although some web hosting providers are slow to jump on board with free SSL, A2 Hosting isn’t one of them. They keep up to date with the latest trends, making them fiercely competitive in the web hosting industry.


Money Back Guarantee


Not sure if you trust A2 yet? They’re so confident that you’ll love them that they’ll even offer you your money back! That’s something that can’t be said about all web hosting companies.


When you check out their website you should take a look at  their money back guarantee. From there, just sign up and see if you like it!


Free Site Migrations


This is a really awesome perk to joining A2 Hosting in 2018. Web hosts like Bluehost will actually charge you an arm an a leg for website migration. However A2 will give you the help you need for your site migration (so long as you’re migrating from another place with a cPanel). This was something we thought our web designer friends would really appreciate, but really it’s something that could benefit just about anybody.


A Green Conscience Company


A2 Hosting is a very environmentally conscience company. They support the environment in several ways such as through CarbonFund.org and with their “carbon neutral” servers. If you’d like to find out more about how A2 Hosting is protecting the environment, be sure to take a look at their site!


Are There Cons?


Although A2 Hosting is pretty magnificent, we can’t say that they’re perfect in every way. There are a few minor cons (if you want to call them “cons”). Let’s take a look at them.


  • They are a little higher priced than other web hosts.
  • Some restrictions on the cheaper plan.


That pretty much covers it…


So if you want great quality and high speeds, A2 is probably going to be one of your best choices in 2018. We like them as the best small business web hosting company.


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