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List of Best Web Hosting in 2018


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At the top of our list of the best web hosting services for 2018 is SiteGround web hosting. If you haven’t heard of the company, they’ve been around since 2004 and service over 500,000 websites across the web. But that’s not why they made the top of the list.


SiteGround has an incredible record of uptime as well as speed. They’ve got great customer service and overall you can’t argue about the price (VERY competitive pricing). Please be sure to check out our full review of SiteGround by clicking the button below!

Pricing may change if this hosting provider is running a special

Web Hosting


Our second pick for best web hosting in 2018 has got to be HostGator web hosting. At first HostGator showed a lot of promise and at this point in time we are still hesitant on putting them in second place. In some cases HostGator has outperformed our top pick of the year, however in other cases it didn’t. Be sure to check out our SiteGround vs HostGator review for more info.


Overall we can’t say that choosing this company as your first pick would be a bad idea. For some it might even work out better than SiteGround. However in our experience there are a few more things we feel we can do with SiteGround hosting.

Pricing may change if this hosting provider is running a special


Most people don’t know A2. These guys make 3rd place on our list, but they definitely deserve more credit. A2 web hosting is among some of the fastest web hosting that you can find! If you’re into SEO or even if you just want to provide a great user experience for your visitors, these guys are PERFECT.


Speed is extremely important when it comes to hosting your domain. It could literally mean the difference in thousands of dollars if you’re visitors are leaving your site due to poor speed. A2 web hosting has really mastered speed, however it comes at a price. Although it’s not crazy expensive, it’s a bit more costly than the other services on our list.

Pricing may change if this hosting provider is running a special


InMotion hosting is among some of the country’s favorite hosting providers. Their overall performance, speed, uptime and customer support are comparable to SiteGround and HostGator. If you want to get someone on the phone who knows what they’re talking about, get InMotion Hosting!


It was hard to put these guys at #4 on our list, however there were just a few minor details that turned us off. In particular the verification process for their hosting as well as the stipulations for their great pricing. You should check out our full review of InMotion hosting for all the details!

Pricing may change if this hosting provider is running a special


If you haven’t heard of WP Engine, now is the time to do your research! These guys offer some of the best hosting that money can buy. They host some pretty big names in the online world! WP Engine web hosting is known by many as a sort of VIP managed hosting provider which means that you can rest assured you’re getting quality.


Although you’re getting high quality hosting here, it also comes with a price. We usually recommend WP Engine for large organizations, publicly traded companies, government organizations, etc. This isn’t likely to be the web hosting that you’ll want for your online journal or something like that.

Pricing may change if this hosting provider is running a special

WP Engine


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